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EDEM 2009


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2009 Conference on Electronic Democracy

7.-8.9.2009 University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna


Presentations are online!

There are a number of eDemocracy applications, ranging from transparency sites and information, discussion, deliberation and consultation platforms to decision-making and voting systems, thus encompassing the entire democratic process. As technical devices have matured and feasibility is largely not considered an issue any more, other questions are now considered:

  • To what extent can eDemocracy support and enrich our democracy?
  • What and where are the interfaces, what methods can be used to integrate eParticipation in present public administration processes?
  • How can we ensure that the greatest number of people are reached and are able to use the means of participation?
  • How can the modern media support political education?
  • How can the Internet increase participation in political discussion?
  • What are the limitations and the risks of eDemocracy?
  • How may traditional Decision Support Systems be included in the eDemocracy framework?
  • How may microeconomic models (eg, game theory) contribute to the understanding of the dynamics created by electronic citizen involvement?

On top of the general paper presentations, the following workshops on special topics will be held: Program

EDem 2009 presents the unique opportunity to look into these questions and discuss the answers. During the conference experiences will be shared, examples of good (and maybe not so good) practice analysed, the State-of-the-Art and future scenarios will be presented and discussed.

We are looking for contributions on all areas and levels of electronic democracy and participation systems, precedence will be given to those contributions which include national and/or international experiences.

Concrete projects can also be submitted, and, if accepted, would be presented as examples of “hands-on” demonstrations of E-Democracy and E-Participation.

The main conference language is English; submissions in German are also acceptable.

We invite individuals from academic and practical backgrounds as well as public administration offices, public bodies, NGOs, education institutions and independent organisations, to submit their contributions.


  • EUR 95,- for authors
  • EUR 115,- early bird rate für participants who register until July 17, 2009
  • EUR 135,- for participants who register after July 17, 2009

The fee includes conference, proceedings and social program during the conference.
Pre-conference social program to be announced.

The Proceedings will be published by the Austrian Computer Society.

The EDEM conference series is jointly organised by the Danube University Krems and the University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna.